Rules of   Giveaway  Program

  1. Our main goal for holding the giveaway program is to make our plugins more user-friendly and comprehensive to you. So please, use our plugin & provide us feedback about how much our plugins helped you achieve. Please put as much detail as you can in a good manner so that more people become eager to use our plugins. Don’t cheat on us, please.
  2. We will select three lucky winners every month for our three plugins. That means, one winner per plugin will get a Lifetime Pro License (single site) for free. 
  3. In case you own 1 plugin license but have not installed or reviewed the other two plugins, you will have the chance to win the rest of the plugin’s license by this giveaway program. Suppose, you own A but didn’t installed or reviewed B & C, you can still win a pro license for B & C through this giveaway program. Visit our Products
  4. The winner will be chosen randomly using a reliable polling system. Don’t worry if you didn’t win this month. Your review will stay in our polling system database and you have the chance to win next time (always).
  5. The winner wins one license per plugin. That means you will win a maximum number of one Lifetime Pro License for each of our plugins. No second license code will be sent to you for the same plugin as you already won a Lifetime deal.
  6. We will publish your honest review on our official website on the reviews page and that’s why we like to receive valid data from you. Please help us grow by joining our community.
  7. This giveaway program will continue until announced closed officially. BdThemes has the authority to change or modify the rules/terms/conditions anytime deemed necessary.
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