Product carousel using Elementor

Are you looking for a way to use the product carousel using Elementor inside your WooCommerce website? For an online WooCommerce store, a product carousel helps display a large number of products within a compact space.

As customer engagement is the most important thing in your web store, a decorative product carousel is the best way to catch people’s attention fast.

So, if you are planning to boost your shop’s appearance, using WC Carousel addon would be the perfect choice. Not only the tool is helpful for showcasing products en masse, it has a pretty good looking layout too.

Feeling curious? Let me take you deeper into this and surely, you will not regret it.

Engage your audience with Product Carousel using Elementor

The WooCommerce Product Carousel is mainly a slider type widget for Elementor. It is the perfect tool to engage your customers with a thumb view of the products and let them easily browse hundreds of items seamlessly.

The Product Carousel comes with a “Add to Cart” feature that helps boosting your sales by providing a faster way of purchasing goods. It empowers the customers to buy anything they want by simply tapping over the cart button on the products.

Carousel - Product carousel using Elementor

Take an example from the image above where you can see the cart button just under the product images. It helps people shop faster instead of going into individual product detail page every time they need to add something to the cart.

The best thing about a WooCommerce product carousel using Elementor is, you can create appealing designs with the carousel that grab people’s attention. The carousel animation can be set vividly to create multiple unique interfaces at once.

As a result, people get attracted to the stunning product carousel whenever someone lands on your website and sees the animated carousel. That’s not all! You can also use product carousel to display your featured products as the first thing on your website.

WooCommerce Carousel Widget From Element Pack Pro Brings New Edge For WoCommerce

If you get such a tool that requires no coding while design your WooCommerce product carousel, would you still go for manual codes? Of course you won’t. Not when you have WC Carousel widget by Element pack Pro (By Bdthemes) at your disposal.

With over 70,000 happy customers using widgets from Element Pack Pro, the WC Carousel proves to be a star among the others. It’s because the widget lets you create dynamic product carousel using Elementor without requiring any kind of preparation or the knowledge for codes.

Elementor uses simple Drag & Drop technique for importing widgets that add new features and functions to your website. The WC Carousel is a tool meant to be use along Elementor. With it, you can design stunning product carousel for your shop, change the layout, change colors and fonts, and everything you want to customize.

Much to be said, let’s see how to use the WC product Carousel using Elementor in practical.

Create A Powerful WooCommerce Product Carousel Using Elementor

The steps we are about to show here will help you get up and do the job in the most efficient way. But this requires the basic knowledge of Elementor. Unless you know how to operate Elementor as a beginner, things will be tough for you.

If you need help, please go for this Beginner Elementor Tutorial video to learn the basics.

Anyway, there’s nothing easier than creating a product Carousel using Elementor. But first, you need to ensure these requirements on your WordPress website-

  • Installed and activated the Elementor Page Builder plugin
  • Installed and activated WooCommerce plugin
  • Install and activate Element Pack Pro plugin (required to use WC Carousel widget)

Once you are done, it’s time to get into the creation phase of the WC product carousel. Please follow the steps properly.

Step-1: Turn on WC Carousel widget from Dashboard

The first step requires you to activate the widget from your WordPress dashboard. Once you install the Element Pack Pro widget, you will find it in the dashboard.

Now, go to Dashboard> Element Pack Pro> 3rd Party Widgets> and find the WooCommerce Carousel widget by scrolling on the window. The you have to click the switcher beside the widget name and hit the “Save Changes” button.

Next, you need to open the web page where you want to display the product carousel. Of course, you need to tap on the “Edit with Elementor” button to open the page inside Elementor.

Then, you can look for the WC Carousel widget from the widget menu on your left side. Once you see the widget in the menu, just click and hold on to the widget icon and drag it inside your page.

As you can see in the picture above, make sure the widgets has Element Pack Pro logo on it.

Step-2: Customize WooCommerce Product Carousel Using Elementor

By the default set up from Elementor page builder, you will find all the basic layout controls under the Content tab. For the WooCommerce Carousel widget, you will find a good number of layout customizing options here.

For example, you can set the column number for the products line up. Matching the height of the products is a good way of displaying a clean interface.

You can use the query section to select the source of the carousel slider. It helps if you need to display products will a lot of detail by making posts.

Anyway, you can select or exclude specific products from the carousel which makes it easier to operate for micro functionalities. 

Then, you can go for the carousel settings to shift the animations more towards your requirements. For instance, you can choose between carousel and coverflow layout style for the product carousel using Elementor.

Moreover, you can change the animation speed of the carousel as well as some more settings to further develop the layout.

Notice, the product carousel has badges for each products displaying the condition of the products. The badge will automatically show available and stock out products. Also, you can customize the style of the badges to match it with your site theme.

Step-3: Customize Product Carousel Appearance

The best thing about creating a product carousel using Elementor is, you can customize the whole interface using lots of colors, borders, padding, etc. to build something unique from the rest of the market.

For the WooCommerce Carousel widget, these customization settings are located inside the “Style” tab. Here, you can change the the background of the carousel to stand out on your page.

The options expands to every part of the carousel including the title, badge, add to cart button, rating, prices, etc. It only gets more exciting as you go ahead along all the sections to add style to your carousel layout.

Once you are confident with the style, just hit the “Publish” button and start showing off to your customers.

I bet it’s way easier than you previously thought. Make sure to follow the steps and you will build amazing WooCommerce product carousel using Elementor in no time.


Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any inquiries regarding this topic or anything aside from it, feel free to contact us using Live Chat option or support.

Stay safe and enjoy the full blast of WooCommerce product carousel widget.

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