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How to use eCommerce Brand Grid widget Effectively in Online WordPress Store

The eCommerce Brand Grid Widget is a wonderful tool presented by BDthemes and is a part of the Ultimate Store Kit. It lets you make branding your products and your site in grid view to catch the eyes of the visitors.
Let’s learn how to use the widget on your site.

Inserting the widget

ecommerce brand grid widget

At first, you have to insert the widget on the page. To do that, go to the widget menu, then search Brand Grid, then drag-drop the widget in the text area on the page.

Content tab customization

Edit the Layout

2 2 - BdThemes

Now, we are going to customize the Layout section under the Content tab. To do that, go to Content > Layout. Here, set the Columns limit by 4, then set the Column Gap by 20.

Arrange the Brand Items

3 2 - BdThemes

Next, go to Content > Brand Items. Here, you can see a row of items. Just go to the first Item, then change the Brand Image, then change the Brand Name, and see the result on the page. Do the same procedure for the remaining items.

Style tab customization

Format the Items

4 3 - BdThemes

Now, we are going to customize the Items section under the Style tab. To do that, go to Style > Items. Here, you can see two modes i.e.: NORMAL and HOVER. For the NORMAL mode, change the Background Color, then set a thin Border, then change the Border Color, then change the Box Shadow, and see the result on the page.

Edit the Image

5 2 - BdThemes

Lastly, go to the IMAGE sub-section. Here, change the image Height, then change the Width, then set Opacity, then change the CSS Filters, and see the result.

Video assist

If you want to know more about this widget, please watch the attached tutorial.

You can also see the demo page to learn more.

Thank you.

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