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Element Pack Template Library

How to Use Element Pack Template Library

Element Pack Template Library will make you able to use designer-made Page layouts and Blocks. The library includes 2300 plus templates. However, we’re enriching the library on a daily basis.

Access EP Template Library

With the Element Pack 5.7 update, many things have been changed. For example, the previous location of the template library will soon cease to exist. Instead, you will be able to access the library more quickly and dynamically.

Previous Template Library

Element Pack Template Library

It is super easy to find the library. Just, you have to go to WordPress Dashboard > Element Pack > Template Library.

New Template Library

locating the ready templates library

Go to Dashboard> Pages> Add New> Edit With Elementor. There, you will find the newly placed Element Pack Template Library. Click on it!


To access the template library inside the Elementor page editor, you have to first enable it from the EP dashboard.

Screenshot 5 1 - BdThemes

Go to Dashboard> Element Pack> Other Settings> and you will see the Template Library (in Editor) switcher there. Flip it on and save the changes.

Open & Sync the Template Library

Screenshot 1 3 - BdThemes

The all-new Template Library has the same layout you always have seen. We excluded the sorting options (ascending & descending) for it.

You will see the Sync button on the top-right corner of the library. Clicking it will sync this library to the Element Pack server and load all the updates.

Segments of the Template Library

Screenshot 2 1 - BdThemes

Unlike the previous one, this template library has all elements organized in different segments. There are 4 segments in the header area. Each one has a separate category menu having individual & combined navigation of the page template.

For example, the Blocks segment has 1717 combined entries. All have been broken into sections according to their applications.

Importing Template from the Library

Previously, you had to import ready templates from the library by going through a couple of steps. It was time-consuming and a process that many didn’t like at all.

Previous Template Library

template library 6 - BdThemes

Hover the mouse and click the Import button.

template library 7 - BdThemes

Select from Import to Elementor Library and Import to page. The window will invite a title. Simply, put yours. When all done, you can hit the Import Now button. Now, you will get confirmation and it will push you to Edit Template.

template library 8 - BdThemes

New Template Library

Screenshot 3 1 - BdThemes

Choose a template and hover the cursor over it. Then click the Import button.

Screenshot 4 3 - BdThemes

The template will load in a moment’s delay.

Step-5: If you want to edit a template imported from the library.

Video Assist

Still, stuck? Watch this quick video on how to use Template Library by Element Pack. Learn more about us on the Which-addon page.

Thanks for staying with us!

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