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Elementor Google Map API Key

How to Set Up Elementor Google Map API Key

To set up Elementor Google Map API Key is a matter of a few steps. But, first of all, let’s see what problem you might face. After inserting the Advanced Google Maps Widget, you’ll find a message like “Please set your google map API key in element pack settings to show your map correctly.

If you, without setting Elementor Google Map API Key, want to load the Map, you’ll 100% get the error seen on the screenshot below.

Non-set Elementor Google Map API Key

Then, what is the solution. Just, follow the steps, and go ahead.

Step-1: The first thing is you have to make sure that you’ve created your project. Because against the project you’ll have to create the API Key to embed google map.

So, to do that, go to Google Cloud Platform > then, come to Dashboard and click on the dropdown > a popup will appear after that hit the New Project.

googleAPIKey 13 - BdThemes

Step-2: After clicking New Project, you’ll get a field to add Project Name and Location > then, hit the CREATE button. The project will be created for creating a website for maps.

googleAPIKey 8 - BdThemes

Step-3: Since you are creating API Key against the project, you have to select a project before. Go back to Dashboard and click on the dropdown > a popup will appear. From there, select one. See the screenshot below on the Elementor Google Map API Key.

googleAPIKey 13 2 - BdThemes

If you do the steps above successfully, you can go for the next steps.

Step-4: Go to the WordPress dashboard > hit on the Element Pack > next click on the API Settings > then click on the generate the API key link.

googleAPIKey 2 - BdThemes

Step-5:  If you click on the generate the API Key link, it will take you to the Google Cloud Platform. Then hit the Hamburger navigation icon left side of the page and go to APIs & Services > Credentials.

googleAPIKey 1 - BdThemes

Step-6: Click the Credentials + CREATE CREDENTIALS > APIKey > copy the generated API Key

googleAPIKey 3 - BdThemes

N.B: After creating API Key, you have to set the Main Domain. To do that go to Google Cloud Platform >APIs & Services > Credentials > after that hit API key created. Then, under the Application restrictions go for the HTTP referrers (web sites) and click on the ADD AN ITEM.

googleAPIKey 14 - BdThemes

One more thing, don’t forget to add billing, the billing can make hard time.

Step-7:  Back to the WordPress dashboard > and paste the API Key in the Google Map API Key input field > finally, hit the Save Settings. It’s done for setting the Elementor Google Map API Key.

googleAPIKey 4 - BdThemes
googleAPIKey 5 - BdThemes

If you follow the instructions completely, you’ll be able to Set Up Google Map API Key for you.

This time, I’m going to show you how to create Google Maps JavaScript API because without generating it, you’ll not be able to set up Google Map API Key.

So, let’s dig in.

Generating Maps JavaScript API

Simply, go with the instructions stepping in pictures detailed.

Step-1:  Go to Google Cloud Platform > hit the navigation menu icon > APIs & Services > Library > hit the Maps JavaScript API.

googleAPIKey 6 - BdThemes

Step-2: Next, it will take to another tab. Then, click on the ENABLE button. That’s all.

googleAPIKey 7 - BdThemes

Video Assist

How to Set Up Google Map API Key

To sum up, I hope, you guys understand, what is Google Map API Key and how to generate it. Following the stepping written above, you’ll be able to do your task easily and quickly. If needed, you might go for the video inserted above.

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