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License Server Blocking Issue

License Server Blocking Issue/ Element Pack License Activation Issue

Element Pack is a page builder addon that works for Elementor, the best web page builder. Sometimes, clients may face a License Server Blocking Issue. That is we think a pain for both of us. To lighten the pain, I am going to show you how to fix the Element Pack License Activation Issue.

The reasons behind frequent asking of License Activation Issue: Element Pack

There are normally three reasons for asking for license activation. They are below,

  1. Domain locked issue
  2. Website blocked in a license server
  3. License server blocked by Firewall

This time I’ll explain to you all these issues respectively. So, let’s start.

Domain Locked Issue/ Previously used Domain Issue

A website is normally developed firstly in a staging or development site then the website is moved to a main or live site. Assume that you’re a developer and you have to do the same things. So, where is the problem?

License Server Blocking Issue settings

After developing the site in the staging site, when you’re going to move your site to the main or live site, you will face a problem of license activation. As you see on the screen-shot. Read the message with a red rectangular mark on the screenshot “Your key has been installed on another domain(“.

Why this License Server Blocking Issue message is showing to you?

Maybe you didn’t deactivate your old site license key when you are moving your site from the staging site to the main site. Because we offer three packages(personal, business, and developer) under two categories – yearly and lifetime. Domain Locked Issue normally occurs in respect of personal package. You should know that the server can read the domain.

The server will stack you when you will attempt to use the license for multiple sites. When? When your license is of personal package.

License Server Blocking Issue license deactivation

But if you deactivate the license before transferring the site from the staging site to the main site, the package will be free. Then you’ll be able to activate your license for another site like the main site. This is the most simple way to troubleshoot license.

Somehow, if you forget to deactivate or delete your staging site, you have to send us a support ticket and then we’ll fix your Element Pack License issue.

Website Blocked in a License Server

Website blocked

This issue can arise when you will attempt to activate or deactivate the plugin/ addon multiple times. We on our website hold a counter that records how many times a plugin is being activated and deactivated. If the counter exceeds or any illegal activity is found with a view to by-passing license system, the license server will block your website.

Then to solve the problem, you have to send a support ticket to us under the License Server Blocking Issue.

There is one more fact that can also create this issue and the fact is to use the fake license key for activating the plugin. If the license server traces whatever license you’re providing is fake, the server will block your website.

So, to solve this problem, you’ve to buy a valid license.

License Server Blocking Issue – blocked by Firewall

Along with, the issues mentioned above, the firewall also makes a license blocking issue. Why does it happen? When you purchase our plugin/ addon, you’re provided a license key (from our site) or purchase key (from market place).

During the activation, the license key generated from the license server needs to be verified to verify. Is the key valid or not? And for that, the license server needs to connect/ set a network to the server of your site.

For increasing security, your server can use the Firewall. Most of the time, the external site is not allowed for security reasons. To ensure security, a Firewall is used. It is a network security system that is used to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic. A firewall basically sets a barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network.

Rationally, the network for license verification is not established between both servers because of the Firewall protection. As a result, the license response error is shown that arise the License Server Blocking Issue.

So, what is the solution to overcoming the Firewall barrier? Simply, you have to contact your server admin and ask to unblock our license server. If they unblock us, you’ll be able to activate the license. This is how you can fix license problem easily.

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