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How to Use Live Copy Option Elementor

As just you know, you’ll be able to use the Live copy option Elementor for any layout or blocks for your project. Using this feature, you can easily copy Elementor template or copy layout and paste them inside your page. It’s one of the most stunning feature you could easily have using our Element Pack Pro plugin.

The way of Live Copy

Follow the steps written below.

Step-1: Before going to the next steps, at first, you’ve to ensure the Live Copy-paste option is enabled. So, to do it, just go to the WordPress dashboard > Element Pack > Others > then, enable the Live Copy button > and finally, hit the Save Settings button. See the screenshot below.

Enabling the Live Copy option Elementor

Step-2: Simply, click on the URL-elementpack.pro. When you’ll visit the site, you find a bunch of templates under a different category (such as Ready Blocks).

Element Pack ready templates for Live Copy option Elementor

Step-3: Go to the specific category (as I’m in Ready Blocks.) and hover the mouse on the items you want to copy.

Step-4: Hit the Live Copy button and it will take you to another page. There, with every single item, you’ll see the final Live Copy button. Only, hit the button and wait until copied by the Live Copy option Elementor.

Step-5: Finally, go to your editor. Oh! one more thing, click the right button on your mouse and go for Live Paste. Look at the screenshot below.

N.B: Before pasting make sure that your copied block/page contained widgets are switched “ON”

And feel free to edit for your real project.

See the screenshots above.

Video Assist

To sum up, I think it is very much clear to you. Whatever ready layout or block you need for your project, you will be able to manage quickly resulting in saving you valuable time.

And hopefully, you’ve noticed what is Live Copy and how it works for you. Watch the video inserted above for getting more support.

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