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Widget Equal Height

How to Get Widget Equal Height

When you have an uneven column height that should appear side by side, you’ll often want a widget equal height feature to make then even ( matching the height of the tallest).

The guideline below about the feature mentioned above will get you to walk in the right way. Besides, you will learn to properly use the Elementor widget equal height feature following this tutorial.


preparing to experience Widget Equal Height

To apply the feature of the columns of the content, you have to mainly work with the Advanced tab. But firstly, you need to make columns as your requirement through Add New Section.

column height alignment error

Go to Icon box (under Content tab) > Title & Description > and set title and description respectively. You can also use other controls such as Icon Type (icon/ image).

settings for the equal height

Now, you have to select the entire section. Then go to Advanced > Equal Height to Enable Equal Height and activate the Yes/ No switcher button.

elementor equal height widget control

One more thing, most importantly you’ll find some options under Equal Height For such as Columns, Widgets > Child, Widgets > Child > Child, Widgets > Child > Child > Child, and Custom Selector. Using these options, you’ll be able to have an equal-height of the same content element like title, icon, etc.

more equal height options

Finally, to see the output, simply hit the Update button and check the preview clicking on the eye icon.

Video Tutorial

Have a look at this video to fully use this feature easily and efficiently. No need to worry about not being able to get it done.

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