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Elementor Nested Tab

How to display Elementor Nested Tab Empowered by Element Pack

Elementor Nested Tab is a correlation between the child tab and the parent tab. Here I’ll include step-by-step instructions to help you get started to display Elementor Nested Tab using our Tabs widget.

Making Child Tabs

templates for the Elementor Nested Tab

Step-1: At first, you’ve to make child tabs and to do that, go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > click on the Add New to start making a WordPress tabs template.

making tabs template

Step-2: NEW TEMPLATE pop-up will arrive. Then, select Section (from the drop-down) > and give a template name (such as Nested Tab in Tabs) > hit the CREATE TEMPLATE button.

Elementor Nested Tab editing

Step-3: Next, edit the template in Elementor editor.

Step-4: Then, insert Tabs Widget

Inserting tabs widget
  • When you’ll insert the Tabs Widget, you’ll be provided two sections Tabs and Additional under the Content Tab.
  • Go to the sections and edit them all. Keep your eyes through the screenshot below.

Tabs Section

Elementor Nested Tab widget settings

Follow the flow Content tab > Tabs > and check all the controls.

Additional section

additional settings

Just go to the Content tab > Additional > and check all the controls.

Making Parent Tabs

Step-1: First, insert Tabs widget.

Step-2: Go to the Tab Items and hit your any desire item(Tab#1) > Select Source > Elementor Template > Update > Reload (if not shown) > Select Template > Nested tab in tabs( created before under Templates). Now, it is done.

Step-3: Following the steps mentioned above, you can set the nested tab under every single item(Tab#2, Tab#3).


To style the nested tab, you’ve to style the child tab and parent tab separately.

Child Tab

Go the Style tab > Tab > Content.

Parent Tab

Go the Style tab > Tab > Content.

Video Assist

To sum up, I think you’ve realized that it is a little bit tricky to make a nested tab in the Elementor. And also hope that this article will come with usefulness to you. Watch Video Assist and visit the demo page.

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