How to edit footer in Elementor

Wondering how to edit footer in Elementor? If so, hop in.

If you are using Elementor for a while you know that it is an amazing WordPress page builder with numerous capabilities. Moreover, there is always room to add more functionality, and if you want to edit footers, you will need an add-on plugin.

Editing a footer in Elementor can be a difficult process if you are not sure where to look for the solution. In this article, we are going to show you how to make use of a great plugin that will allow you to create a layout with Elementor and then assign that layout as a footer on your website.

Give us some time to let you know how to edit footer in Elementor.

Let’s start!

What is a footer in WordPress?

A footer in WordPress is simply the foot of your webpage or the bottom of your website. Normally, the footer on your website is designed to appear on all the pages. It contains one of the most important lumps of information about your site, business, and products. 

If you particularly plan a footer while building your website, then you can increase your visitor’s experience remarkably. actually, it’s the best place on your site that holds certain types of important information.

For this, it appears on every page on your site. And your users can easily access content on the footer, regardless of which page they are on.

Most commonly, the footer area keeps links to your social media profiles, copyright information, details of who maintains your site, and what other things you do. In addition, it can have links to your best products, services, or content.

In short, it’s a very important part of your site. It plays a great role in making your website engaging, attractive, and successful. So, an impressive and unique footer is needed for your website.

Why Edit Footer in Elementor?

As a matter of fact, footer design in WordPress depends on the design your active theme provides. It means that all the websites using a theme can have a similar type of footer. If you want to have a unique design, then having a similar footer to other websites isn’t a good idea.

You may also want to remove default copyright text from WordPress saying ‘Powered by WordPress’ in your footer. You can add your own copyright information and other information in that area.

In short, we can say, customizing your website footer helps in making a unique brand identity for your business.

How to edit footer in Elementor

In the above discussion, we have focused on the reasons to edit footer. Now let’s go ahead and see how to edit footer in Elementor and customize it.

You can do this in two methods: 1) Manually, and 2) by using the templates.

First, we will show you the first method. In this method, you have to follow the steps below:

Step-1: Add a test page

To begin, select a test page, and enter a section with four columns in the text area.

how to edit footer in Elementor

Step-2: Add footer in the section

Next, add footer in the section as you need. After adding footer, you can customize them easily.

Next, we are going to discuss the second method which is by using the templates. For this, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Add a test page

Here, select a test page, and hit the Element Pack Pro button to insert templates.

Step-2: Insert a template

After that, a box will appear, go to the Footers menu, and insert the selected template as shown below.

Step-3: Insert footer in the text area

Now, the footer will be shown in the text area.

Step-4: Customize the footer

Now, you can edit or customize the footer section using the menu on the left.

Congrats! You have successfully edited the footer for yourself. You can easily edit the footer at any time following the methods.


We have discussed the footer and described how to edit footer in Elementor above. Hope this will help you a lot, and you can use this afterward for your website of your own.

Thank you to be patient in reading this article. Thank you.

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