how to create better navigation header for WordPress

How To Create a Better Navigation Header for WordPress

When a visitor comes to your WordPress website, he will feel comfortable if your site has a better navigation header. Without this, your site will lack visitors and it will go down drastically. To prevent this fate, you have to create a better navigation header for WordPress.

Visitors always find a site that makes them feel at home. When the site’s features and mainly the navigation header do not make them pleased, they make a quick u-turn from that site and hop on another site that suits them well. It harms the site’s development and decreases the number of visitors. In this article, we will talk about creating a better navigation header.

Let’s start!

Definition of Navigation Heading

A navigation heading is the top portion of a site that contains a bunch of links that point to essential areas of the site. Generally, the navigation heading is shown in the horizontal direction on top of a page on a site. Using the navigation heading, a visitor can easily go to any option he needs.

How a navigation header works in WordPress

A vast number of people around the world use WordPress. When users go to a WordPress website, they normally want to surf among menus and links in it easily. The navigation header in WordPress helps the users meet the purpose. It helps them with what they want to do by taking them to the required menus or links for navigation.

Common types of navigation headers you may see

There are some common types of navigation headers used for websites or pages. These headers contain generally used menus and links you can use for your normal needs. These are given below:

general WordPress header menu

General WordPress Header Menu

It is the type of header menu that contains much common and minimum required menus and links that are mostly seen. It generally has a logo, Home, Menu, News, and any minimum menus or links.

register login navigation header

Register/Login Navigation Header

This type of navigation header contains a Register or Login menu that lets the user be a member of the company site. It directly lures the users towards the site.

WooCommerce mega navigation header menu

WooCommerce Mega Navigation Header Menu

This is a customized navigation header for a commercial site with a niche where a big number of menus and links are set to make the navigation easy for the visitors.

Let's Build Better Navigations in WordPress

Now, we are going to show you the process to build better navigation in WordPress. The process is shown below:

Make a custom menu from WordPress Menus option

make a custom menu from wordpress menus option 1 - BdThemes

Go to the Appearance menu, then go to Custom Links. After that, fill in the URL and Link Text field.

make a custom menu from wordpress menus option 2 - BdThemes

Next, add the URL as shown.

make a custom menu from wordpress menus option 3 - BdThemes

After that, go to Custom Links, then select the items. Don’t forget to hit the Save Menu button.

Create sub-menu items

create sub menu items

Go to the Appearance menu. After that, go to a menu, here select the Checkout menu, then select the sub menu items of it, and hit the Save Menu button.

create sub menu items 2 - BdThemes

After that, see the result hovering on the menu, the sub menus are showing here.

Insert Header Menu In Elementor Page Editor

Now, let’s insert the header menu in Elementor Page Editor. Just follow the steps below:

Use Nav Bar widget for Header Menu

use Navbar widget for header menu

First, go to widget menu, then search for Navbar, then drag-drop the widget in the text area.

use nav bar widget for header menu 2 - BdThemes

After that, select the Main Menu from the drop-down list in Select Menu.

use nav bar widget for header menu 3 - BdThemes

After customizing the Main Menu, it looks like this as shown.

Customize the widget appearance

customize the widget appearance 1 - BdThemes

Go to the Widgets menu.

customize the widget appearance 2 - BdThemes

After that, customize the items of the Widgets menu to make the appearance look good.

Add Search Field to the Header

add search field to the header

First, go to the widgets menu, then type ‘Search’ in the search field, then drag-drop the widget in the text area.

add search field to the header 2 - BdThemes

After that, go to the Style tab, then change the Background Color in the Input option under the Search Container section. You can make changes to the other options here.

add search field to the header 3 - BdThemes

After customization, the search field looks as shown in the picture.

Level Up Your Site Appearance Today

We have picked the navigation header to discuss and gone through the processes to create a better navigation header for WordPress for you. Here, we have arranged a simple way that you can understand and apply on your website. Hope this will help you a lot.

Thank you for reading this article with patience. Have a nice day.

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