How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress Using Element Pack & Elementor

Hello everyone, in this piece of article, we are going to learn about how to create a landing page in WordPress using Element Pack and Elementor Page builder. This is going to be a step-by-step tutorial blog so hold your breath for a long journey.

Let’s get started!

Creating a landing page using Elementor and element pack is absolutely easy

For starters, there are a lot of ways you can build stunning landing pages with Elementor and Element Pack.

We made this article to let you know the most convenient way of making landing pages with free WordPress plugins.

Yes, at zero cost.

What we are going to show you here-

  • Free Plugins– Both Elementor page builder and Element Pack Pro has free plugin versions that are up to the mark for web development.
  • Easy Steps– We will be doing everything in a simplified manner, no hard stuff involved.
  • Coding Knowledge Not Necessary– We are going to be working with Elementor Page builder plugin that requires zero coding knowledge as a drag and drop plugin. Even then, you won’t have to spend efforts on the rest of the page building process with codes.
  • Creative Design– Old bear tastes better, but we don’t stick with the old page templates with the same repeatative interface. All ours is fresh and creative layout designs.
  • More CTR & Conversion- This guide will make you build a web page that not only looks gorgeous but also has a higher conversion rate.

Before we go into the webpage making process, let us tell you a bit about the definitions of what we are going to build and with what tools. 

Let’s move forward.

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What is Landing Page in WordPress?

Your site’s home page is basically that part of the site that we see first when visiting a website. A landing page is a dedicated page for a certain action you need from your visitors. This is a special page used for marketing purposes and boosts your site’s worth. Landing pages are designed to impact your CTR and conversion by attracting more people with their appeal and features.

A properly designed landing page often produces more search traffic than blogs or promotional posts. It makes sense that people want something new and fun to experience in order to get convinced and a landing page is a perfect place to do that.

There are many ways you can design a landing page. A standard landing page should contain a header, footer, service, faq, pricing, etc. You may think that it’s basically a homepage, but it’s not.

Facts That Differentiates A Home Page From A Landing Page

Of course, the homepage is the first-ever page you would expect your visitors to land on.

For instance, the homepage contains the overall site structure, details about the product or service, and it’s used for introducing your brand to your visitors. It also encourages people to look further into your website or other pages.

But we create landing pages to meet certain needs like focusing on a certain product or feature within a single page only. 

Because of that, most landing pages have less content than the homepage having only product-related content.

So to say, we create landing pages with a simplified approach and nothing stuffy in order to convey a clear message to the visitors.

That’s the core difference lies between a home page and a landing page.

Create Landing Page Using Elementor Step-by-Step

Now that you know the definitions of a landing page, it’s time we learn about the process of creating a landing page using Elementor.

We use Elementor because it’s the most popular drag-n-drop page builder plugin for WordPress.

It’s so easy to use and doesn’t require coding knowledge at all.

That’s not all the reasons we use Elementor for web development-

  • Zero-distraction site building experience: Elementor provides a fully blank canvas so you could start creating your website from scratch. This make pro web developers cherish Elementor above anything else.
  • Drag-n-Drop widgets: Elementor is highly flexible due to how it’s built and what it provides. Adding features or functions to your newly designed website only takes you drag the widgets by clicking your cursor.
  • Full site management: Elementor especially provides dedicated controls over the landing page layout, making it more dynamic and professional to build your page.
  • Templates & blocks: Elementor is beginner friendly and has lots of pre-made template designs that you can import and customize to make your own landing page in minutes.

So, let’s move forward.

What you need to start

For you to start creating your first landing page using Element Pack & Elementor, you need to prepare the necessary things beforehand.

What you need is-

  • A stable WordPress website
  • Elementor Page Builder (free)
  • Element Pack Pro

The reason we are using Element Pack Pro because it has 200+ essentail widgets for Elementor and more than 2000 templates to become a pro in minutes.

This is a legendary web development tool made to make web development as easy as pie.

You can use the free version Element Pack Lite that provides 45+ widgets and features for free.

Also, there are a good number of landing page templates (more than 100) that you can import and use as your own.

Parts of a landing page

A great landing page should contain these parts generally-

  1. Header: You site logo, main menu, and additional features like the search bar goes into the header part. It can be movable or stationary depending on the rest of the page.
  2. Hero section: Hero section fills up the whole screen until your visitors scroll down below. You have to put maximum attention to the details of this part of the website.
  3. Service section: This is where you tell your visitors more about your business in details.
  4. Features: Highlight what characteristics you have that makes people choose you over others.
  5. Gallery: Decorate you site’s gallery with image grid, carousel, icons, social share buttons, etc.
  6. Testimonial: Show what people say about your service and earn more popularity and trust.
  7. Sign up form: In this part, you need to include a way to let the visitors enter your mail list for future scope.

Now, we just have to start making our landing page using Element Pack & Elementor over these elements.

Step-1: Create landing page using templates menu

It’s another advantage of Elementor that it lets you create page templates with a dedicated template dashboard control.

So, instead of running here and there, you can actually put your works on the line from a single place.

Just go to WordPress Dashboard> Templates and select the Landing Pages option to add a new landing page in the template menu.

Now, you will be redireccted to the Elementor page editor for the template page.

Here, you can either choose a pre-made template from Element Pack Pro template library or go full custom.

Step-2: Prepare your design colors & fonts

As we mentioned before, Elementor provides a distraction free editor window excluding everything, even the header and footer.

All you have to do is select “Elementor Canvas” from the page settings in order to have a full-white page to start with.

Before you begin, make sure to set global color and font for the landing page.

This is essentioal because it saves much time without needing to change font or color properties of each section/element manually.

For a faster and professional designing experience, you can install a color picker software on the pc that you are using to create the landing page in WordPress.

This helps maintain the work flow.

Step-3: Design header & hero page

First of all, you can design your header first then move on to the content for the hero section.

The header should contain your brand logo, a menu, and something for the users to take actions, like a search field.

Second, you have to keep it simple for the hero section or the part right below the header.

It’s recommended to apply a similar tone to the header and hero page for better appearance.

Then, you can place a big text on in the middle of the hero page, on top of a nice background image.

The background image should represent your service.

Finish it with a button that leads users to gain more info on the topic.

At this point, you can use Elementor’s Advanced tab for individual section or element and set custom adding, margin, border, shadow, etc. for making uqiue designs.

Element Pack Pro has some amazing widgets to enhance the apperance of your hero page-

Step-4: About us of the landing page in WordPress

The About Us section is very important for your website as it holds the core info about your website including its purpose.

Try not to overexaggerate this part to grab more attention by stretching it longer than necessary.

You can keep a minimal design or do something extensive for this part, both works.

But, don’t use too many words, just finish it within 10-12 lines.

That should make the visitors absorb the info without any pressure.

Plus, you can try using these widgets from Element Pack Pro to add bonus enhancements to your website-

Step-5: Design Featured Section

The featured section is meant for piquing people’s attention further over your product or service.

It’s easy to design this section of your landing page using Element Pack and Elementor.

The recommended layout should include a nice big visual representation of your service along with its perks or characteristics.

You should be more direct with the featured section to let people understand your service clearly.

These widgets will help you design amazing featured sections in Elementor-

Step-6: Create awesome image gallery

In this part of the landing page, we are going to craft an image gallery for our visitors.

Every landing page in WordPress made using Element Pack and Elementor should have an image gallery in order to get more exposure and build trust among visitors.

Here, you can use a nice big heading and then start inserting images into a single image gallery widget.

Also, the gallery should have evenly spaced out images so that it would look neat and clean.

This can be done easily by using only two widgets by Element Pack-

Step-7: User Testimonial

User testimonial creates trust among your visitors by showing what others have to say about your service.

No matter how big or small your website is, having user testimonials on your landing page in WordPress proves to be fruitful in bringing more traffic and leads.

Element Pack Pro has dedicated widgets for this purpose that you can easily put close to the bottom of your site (below features) to have a positive impact-

Step-8: Sign up form and contact

Another important part of a successful landing page is the signup section to collect the contact info of your visitors for future business. 

When setting up a contact area, you should consider including your address, telephone number, and, of course, your email address.

Again, you have to provide a signup form promising offer emails, promo emails, or other free stuff.

That’s the reason you need to pay more attention to the background, graphics, and other detail to catch people’s eye.

Element Pack Pro has the perfect widgets to build your contact and signup form section-

Extra: Add navigation style for the landing page in WordPress

Now that your landing page is basically ready, there are some tricks you can play in order to get the most of it.

First, you can add a sticky header navigation bar for the landing page.

This way, the user can always see the navigation bar and switch to other pages easily.

Second, you can make the navigation bar disappear until someone scrolls down a certain distance from the top of the page.

This gives a professional impression of the page and users are going to love it.

Extra: Use landing page templates

As we have mentioned earlier at the top, Element Pack Pro provides a good variety of pre-made landing page templates for the users.

You can go for the free or premium template and customize the inner sections to make something unique.

This is the fastest way of building a landing page in WordPress that looks stunning and awesome.

Some attractive landing pages from Element Pack Pro-

Wrapping it up!

Do you love trendy landing pages for your business?

Get Element Pack Pro today and enjoy creative landing pages for your next website projects.

Also, you will get 200+ amazing widgets and extensions to further boost your site’s features.

Everything is possible with just one plugin, Element Pack Pro.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog.

Best regards


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