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2022 Was the Best Year For Element Pack- Here is Why!!

What you are getting with Element Pack is huge but the possibilities are limitless. The year 2022 was the sole proof of our dedication to this addon which made it one of the most leading plugins in the current marketplace.
2022 Was the Best Year For Element Pack- Here is Why!!

Table ofContents

Happy new year fellow WordPressians , we congratulate you for making 2022 a fun experience and stepping into the new year 2023 with new passions.

We are past 2022 and stepped into a fresh start in 2023. The whole year of 2022 was a battlefield for many of us in order to prove ourselves and take the lead in the next year.

At BdThemes, we have achieved quite a lot in 2022 and we were able to dedicate those achievements to our existing and future users.

A lot has changed.

The struggle for improvement let us bring out a new stage for our precious plugin products that are now providing more value to our beloved customers.

With that in mind, we will illustrate all the changes that happened in a year to our leading product Element Pack in this article.

We know you are busy, suuuuper busy!! But we still made this article a bit long to cover the whole thing.

It’s going to take a bit of time to finish but please see it through. We highly appreciate your support.

Element Pack Pro - The fruit of success in beautiful web design

Developed in January 2018, Element Pack was the early bird to step into the online marketplace to help the WordPress community build websites easily.

First of all, you don’t need to learn coding to use Element Pack.

From beginners to experts, the plugin was developed to satisfy the web design applications to smooth your web journey.

Within a year, people began to shift into Elementor and started to reap the huge benefits that came along with our product, Element Pack.

Since then, we continued to polish the existing codes and added numerous features to provide an even better environment for our users.

The year 2022 was the sole proof of our dedication to this addon which made it one of the most leading plugins in the current marketplace.

What you are getting with Element Pack is huge but the possibilities are limitless.

Element Pack flexing in the web design applications

The 240+ widgets, extensions, and features of Element Pack let any user bring out their true web designing potential from day 1.

While features are likely to be tricky for beginners, that’s not the case here.

Everything is documented and users will find video tutorials about all the existing features.

Because of that, it takes a person a couple of minutes to understand and get used to them.

To summarize this massive pack of features in a couple of words-

  1. The plugin lets you create any kind of website using a broad number of features to support your needs. Be it blogging, fashion, tech, newspaper, eCommerce, business, portfolio; you name it, there is enough feature to let you create those websites.
  2. It replaces the boundaries set by any specific themes. For a theme, the things you can modify are limited by their applications. On top of that, you will need coding knowledge to add higher features. For Element Pack, you can erase that need and simply create your own theme template.
    Like painting on a blank canvas.
  3. Gives you an easy way to customize the web page layout or interface. The naming of the options is quite similar to the Elementor addon, which makes them easier to understand their applications.
  4. The plugin is lightweight and very flexible when it comes to performance and speed.
  5. Supports the latest version of code (PHP, HTML, JS, CSS).

But most of you already know the information on the top.

What you don’t know about Element Pack is what matters the most in this competitive market.

To be honest, we were open about it. Many of you have already realized this.

It’s just that we decided to put it into words this time.

1. Reduced DOM size

It’s no secret that Elementor’s DOM size exceeds the limit and makes your site slower, NATURALLY SLOWER! But Element Pack offsets that with its own Smart Asset Manager which reduces the initial DOM size and makes your site rather faster than before. We know we know, a BRILLIANT performance!

2. Precise control over Scripts

Allow Element Pack to create CSS/JS only for the active number of features, not for everything at once. You can choose which features will stay active and thus limit the total script size for more server speed.

3. Templates, Lots of them

For any web designer, creating a new design concept may delay immediate design needs. For such cases, we offer a big box of over 2500 ready templates at your disposal so you can save time while getting super-quality designs.

4. Absolute ZERO conflict

As the plugin is made with purely green code, there is 0% conflict with the core web vitals of WordPress. So the probability of breaking your site while updating is only 0.01%.

5. Graphics that Only we Provide

Refreshing, distinctive, and high dynamic range of colorization makes Element Pack one of the most stunning page designers on the planet. We don’t boost with words but with pure action on the canvas.

6. Simple Yet Powerful

You will never have a hard time with Element Pack as the interface & controls are very much simplified. Rather, you will be able to achieve web design mastery quickly with this plugin.

How we improved Element Pack over 12 months in 2022

In this part of the article, we will start reminiscing about the addition, subtraction, and improvement done to the Element Pack plugin in the course of the past 12 months.

First comes bug fixing

From the dawn of mankind, there exist bugs. True but I am joking.

As a brand developing multiple leading plugins, bugs can be found in our codes occasionally. They are rare cases, but they still happened, so we can’t deny them.

During the last 12 months, we killed many bugs to improve Element Pack further.

Both our valuable customers and expert developers contributed a lot to terminating those pests.

For that, we are indebted to our dear users.

Now, starting from the bottom up. The higher the number, the more recent the changes.

Your contribution to fixing bugs:-

    • Thumbnav, Arrows Alignment issue fixed in Thumbs Gallery Widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
    • Tooltip issue fixed in Image Stack (Thanks to Benjamin Wazin)
    • Dropdown width issue fixed in User Login (Thanks to Alex Nasla)
    • Target issue fixed in Logo Carousel (Thanks to Dimitri max)
    • Target issue fixed in Marker (Thanks to Nuno Madeira)
    • Height responsive issue fixed in Advanced Google Map (Thanks to Andy Higgins)
    • Target link issue fixed in Static Carousel (Thanks to Roih)
    • SVG issue fixed in Fancy Card (Thanks to Graham Milligan)
    • Title tag issue fixed in Post Block skins (Thanks to Marco Barbera)
    • Website/phone field visibility issue fixed in Advanced Google Map (Thanks to Nuno Madeira)
    • Minor Issue fixed in WC Products widget (Thanks to Trevor Edwards)
    • GlassMorphism Repeating issue fixed for Back Drop Filter (Thanks to Fafarafiel Fin)
    • Admin Feeds issue fixed in Welcome Panel (Thanks to Anny Wu)
    • Latest version gravity form editor style issue fixed (Thanks to mblack005)
    • PHP Fatal error issue fixed in Minify Class (Thanks to Dan Sonic, Kevin Neal)
    • Timeline script error fixed (Thanks to Stanislav Roschkov)
    • JS issue fixed in WC Carousel Widget (Thanks to Oliver Nokel)
    • Global Typography issue fixed (Thanks to Caleb Weeks)
    • Global Link underline issue fixed (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
    • RTL issue fixed for cursor effects extension (Thanks to maxwebone)
    • Templates are not importing issue fixed in Template Library (Thanks to Nancy Loef)
    • WPForms issue fixed (Thanks to Kai Gossens and Bjørn-Magnus Syversen)
    • Minor issue fixed in Notation Extensions (Thanks Oliver Heuft)
    • Global Lightbox and Tooltip Styling part missing issue fixed (Thanks to David Stauble)
    • Skin Oliver issue is fixed in Timeline Widget (Thanks to Alex Preyer)
    • DataTables UIKIT RTL CSS file missing issue fixed in Table widget (Thanks to Tfourc)
    • Link Target issue fixed in Static Grid Tab Widget (Thanks to Boy Laban)
    • Link Image to Post option issue fixed in Instagram Widget (Thanks to Stefan Zahnd)
    • Multi element issue fixed in Notation Widget (Thanks to Sean Vosler)
    • Icon issue fixed in Accordion Widget (Thanks to Adam Doll)
    • Thumbnav Offset issue fixed in Slideshow Widget (Thanks to Peter Sheppard)
    • Skin Partait issue fixed in Member Widget (Thanks to Ali Ali)
    • RTL issue fixed in Horizontal Scroller Widget (Thanks to Yosef)
    • SVG Icon minor issue fixed (Thanks to Jonas Strambach)
    • Variable style issue fixed in Mini-Cart Widget (Thanks to Thomas Breher)
    • Link widget issue fixed in Tabs Widget (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
    • Columns issue solved in Instagram Widget (Thanks to Nicolas QUINTARD)
    • ViewPort issue fixed in Animated Heading Widget (Thanks to Frederics Cooper)
    • Section Parallax/Scrolling Effects issue fixed (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
    • Search Translation issue fixed (Thanks to mrpc1)
    • Sanitize issue fixed in Simple Contact form widget (Thanks to Sarwar Hasan)
    • Icon size issue fixed in Marker Widget (Thanks to Gustavo Rubacha)
    • Section Parallax/Scrolling opacity issue fixed (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
    • Duplicator issue fixed (Thanks to Thomas Breher)
    • Minor issue solved in Advanced Progress Bar (Thanks to Rolling Hills)
    • Translation issue fixed in Search Widget (Thanks to Sergio Rodriguez)
    • Dropdown width issue fixed in User Login Widget (Thanks to Alex Nasla)
    • Post Slider thumbs RTL issue fixed (Thanks to Media Felix)
    • ACF Loop issue fixed in Hover Video Widget (Thanks to Will Smith)
    • Button Highlight color issue fixed in Offcanvas widget (Thanks to Watcharachai)
    • Hidden issue fixed in Advanced Google Maps widget (Thanks to EG)
    • Editor Save conflict issue fixed in Visibility Control extension (Thanks to Gabriel Sirbu)
    • The strip issue was fixed in the QR Code widget (Thanks to Jason D Corbett)
    • Portfolio carousel style not working issue fixed (Thanks to Chris)
    • Category Filter issue fixed in Events Calendar widget (Thanks to Lubna Shaikh)
    • Prefix and Suffix issue fixed in Chart Widget (Alex Szram)
    • Columns issue fixed in Skin Envelope of Hover Box Widget (Thanks to Maximilian Kraaz)
    • Border Radius issue fixed in Interactive Card Widget (Thanks to Rusty C Lindquist)
    • Filter Item issue fixed in Post Gallery Widget (Thanks to Matt Watkins)
    • List Style Type CSS issue fixed in Fancy List and Breadcumbs Widget (Thanks to Josh Robertson)
    • WC mini cart conflict issue fixed (Thanks Atriumlabs)
    • Tippy JS missing issue fixed in Circle Menu Widget (Thanks Maximilien LELEU)
    • The manual Category selection issue fixed in the Event List Widget (Thanks Carole McNally)
    • Icon Size issue fixed in Sub Menu Widget (Thanks to Sergio)


What our developers fixed from January 2022 to December 2022:-

  • Tooltip error in Image Stack widget
  • Table of Content not working issue fixed
  • Editor mode not working issue fixed in Notation Extension
  • Twitter developer link issue fixed in Dashboard API Settings
  • Ignore Elements issue fixed in Dark Mode Widget
  • Effect visibility issue fixed for Reveal Effect Extension
  • Column issue fixed in WC Product Widget
  • Product loop fatal error fixed in WC Product Table Skin widget
  • Arrows position issue fixed in Slideshow Widget
  • Parallax Effects opacity custom option added
  • Array offset error fixed in Honeycombs Widget
  • Live copy paste issue fixed for the elementor new container
  • Offset issue fixed in Query Builder
  • Faq widget query building issue fixed
  • Kenburn Animation issue fixed in Slider Widget
  • Query Offset issue fixed in WC Products Widget
  • Right-Click Context Menu issue fixed
  • Fatal error fixed in Crypto Currency Card Widget
  • Readmore inline issue fixed in Alter skin Post Grid Widget
  • Editor issue fixed in Post Grid Tab Widget
  • Filter query issue fixed in FAQ Widget
  • Filter issue fixed on (Post Gallery, Portfolio Gallery, FAQ, Testimonial Grid)
  • Ajax search issue fixed in Search widget
  • Column gap RTL issue fixed in Advanced Image Gallery widget
  • Deprecated: Required parameter $output issue fixed in Sub Menu Widget.

All New Widgets Added to the FirePower

New widgets mean new powerful features added to the existing list of features to make the plugin more dynamic, useful, and rich.

As we began to find new methods and styles for web designing, we added them to Element Pack to bring you more amazing tools to work around.

Please check what we brought new to the plugin.

New Widgets added from Your Contribution:-

  • Mega Menu Feature + Mega Menu, Sub Menu widget (asked by many of you)
  • Existing & new widget ideas (already some implemented, some in the pipeline)

New Widgets by Dev Team:-

  • Dynamic Grid & Carousel
  • Horizontal Scroller
  • Slinky Vertical Menu
  • Age Gate
  • Animated Link & Animated Card
  • Brand Grid & Carousel
  • Creative Button
  • Review Card Grid & Carousel
  • Static Grid Tab
  • Easy Digital Download Product & Product Carousel, Category Grid & Carousel, Tabs
  • Duplicate Post / Page / Elementor Template
  • Remote Arrows, Thumbs, Fraction, & Pagination
  • Easy Digital Download Login, Cart, Register, & Checkout
  • LearnPress Grid & Carousel
  • Easy Digital Download Mini Cart, Product Reviews, & Product Review Carousel
  • Hash Link Extension
  • bbPress Forum Form, Forum Index, Single Forum, Topic Index, Topic Form, Single Topic, Reply Form, Single Reply, Topic Tags, Single Tag, Single View, & Stats widgets
  • Product Grid

Features added to Element Pack from Your Contribution:-

  • Link Type Image option in Advanced Image Gallery (Thanks to David Stauble)
  • Navigation style option in Global Lightbox Extension (Thanks to David Stauble)
  • Animation viewport position updated in Animated Heading Widget (Thanks to Marc Eggleton)
  • API v2 support added in Twitter grid, Slider and Carousel Widget (Thanks to Karan Shah)
  • Content Reverse (Mobile Device) option added in Featured Box Widget (Thanks to Saroj)
  • Content Style added in Slideshow widget (Thanks to Tonyzeoli)
  • Visit Count and Session Count condition added in Visibility Controls Extension (Thanks to alden20)
  • Tooltip Text dynamic option added in Circle Menu widget (Thanks to Abdoul Ouedraogo)
  • Divider option added in Image Accordion widget vertical skin (Thanks to Stefan)
  • Accordion & Image Expand widgets (Thanks to Stefan)
  • Search Field Placeholder Customize option added in Advanced Google Map Widget (Thanks to Rene Broll)
  • Dynamic field support was added in the Username field in Calendly Widget (Thanks Maximilien Leleu )

Features Added to Element Pack by Dev Team:-

  • Single Column and column reverse in Interactive Tabs
  • Split Text text-shadow in Advanced Heading
  • Dashboard Widget Analytics
  • Built-in On Demand assets loading
  • Assets Manager Option
  • Sound Effects Extension
  • 3D Text Extension
  • Notation Extension
  • Reveal Effects Extension
  • Cursor Effects Extension
  • Animated Gradient Background Extension
  • Right Click Context Menu
  • Typography option added in User Login & User Register
  • Tabs alignment & box shadow option added in Switcher
  • Icon Text option added in Lightbox Widget
  • Close button, Modal Header, and Recaptcha text style option added in User Register Widget
  • Marker hover controls and item multiple controls in Marker widget
  • CSS Filter and border option added in Open Street Map Widget
  • Age Invalid Message Field added in Age Gate Widget
  • Right-Click Context Menu logged in user option added
  • External URL, Confetti Connect Features added in Notification widget
  • Multi columns option added in Faq Widget
  • Hide free product, hide out of stock options added on manual selection and related query in WooCommerce (WC – Product, WC – Carousel, and WC – Slider) widgets
  • Container Support added in Extensions
  • Alignment, Subtitle spacing, and original price offset option added in Price Table widget
  • Drop bar stretch, animation out, animation, boundary, target, and alignment options added in the Drop bar widget
  • Columns, columns gap, match the height, google icon option added in Google Reviews widget
  • Image style controls added in the Testimonial Slider widget
  • Copy Link feature added in Social Share Widget
  • Header Sticky feature added in Pricing Table Widget
  • Categories Count Hide option added in WC Category widget
  • Last Purchased Date, Purchased Item Number, Single Products Price, Stock, and Category conditions added in Visibility Controls Extension
  • Query Order options Added in the WC Products widget
  • Waypoint Offset option added in Notation Extensions
  • Z-index option added in Confetti Effects Extensions

More changes happened

Apart from the bug fixing and added features, there are some changes to the system that required erasing old or deprecated codes.

You will find the information below.

Replaced & Removed Features:-

  • Testimonial Grid Widget Query replaced by New Query System
  • Testimonial Carousel Widget Query replaced by New Query System
  • Testimonial Slider Widget Query replaced by New Query System
  • All gallery overlay default color replaced with dark color
  • Deprecated Query Deleted
  • Schedule Content extension deleted
  • Visibility control old extension deleted

Additional Changes:-

  • Viewport settings changes with start and end position in Parallax Effects
  • Social Login Authentication Improved in User Login Widget
  • A new animation mechanism added to the SVG widget
  • Original price control updated in the price table widget
  • System Updated for Slower Activation of License

You Made It Beyond the Monstrous List!


Thank you very much for making it below the list of improvements and all that information.

Although they were meant to inform you about the all positive changes, the negative impact of concentrating so long to read this demands a reward.

As a special thanks, you can enjoy a very special deal on our products.

Just put your email here and we will send you the special code to claim it!

Thanks for contributing to making Element Pack more awesome.

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