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Celebrate Easter Sunday 2022 with exciting offers from BdThemes

Celebrate Easter Sunday 2022 with exciting offers from BdThemes

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With a fresh new adventure to perfection, let’s celebrate Easter Sunday 2022 with BdThemes. The BdThemes family has been keeping notes about our overall progress each year on Easter Sunday, the resurrection day of Jesus, to track back the path we walked through.

“We are happy to bring you a fresh new purpose on web core vital with our remarkable plugins”.

And to toast our success, come join us to celebrate Easter Sunday with solid price discounts on all our top products.

What changed in BdThemes after Easter Sunday 2021?

Are you curious to know how much we grew in the past year?

While BdThemes has always been a company that takes care of its visitors and customers, it’s for their support that we came this far.

With each passing year, BdThemes has grown leaps and bounds, developing an amazing bunch of addons to shape the next WordPress web design community.

Our core team is highly dedicated to delivering a user-friendly system to build and design WordPress websites within the least amount of time and almost zero experience.

To work toward that goal, we tied our heads to the computers to bring new improvements to our massively popular addons for Elementor.

We have changed from our old branding to new branding, we changed our office environment (now we have most kitchen supplies), we met new team members, and we began to optimize all our products for the next-gen web core vital architect.

Let us show you our brand products-

element pack pro - celebrate easter sunday

BdThemes developed Element Pack Pro with one goal, to make web design easier and more effective.

Ever since Elementor page builder came, building websites in WordPress became much easier.

As a page builder, Elementor itself is not complete; there is always a lack of features that need to be sourced elsewhere.

Element Pack Pro is a plugin that completes Elementor and empowers you to harvest results beyond expectations.

Last Easter Sunday 2021, we had 197 essential widgets, extensions, and features with our Element Pack Pro plugin.

This time, the plugin added 33 more elements with a total number of 230 widgets, extensions, and features.

The Prime Slider plugin is made to deliver cutting-edge sliders with maximum flexibility, responsiveness, and customizations for WordPress.

Every single slider widget of Prime Slider has been forged with peerless concentration and craftsmanship to deliver the most extraordinary sliders.

Last year on Easter Sunday, Prime Slider had 25 sliders altogether, offering a faster and more effective web designing solution.

This year, the number of sliders went up to 42 sliders with remarkable improvements in the base plugin.

It’s possible to design your whole website with just the widgets of Prime Slider plugin.

In search of the best blogging tool for WordPress, BdThemes invented the Ultimate Post Kit plugin, a complete toolbox to design the future of the blogging industry with sassy blog widgets.

For a mind-blowing blogging site, you need creative post layouts, featured post layouts, sliders, magazine layouts, etc. Ultimate Post Kit offers all kinds of essential widgets you need to build amazing blogging sites that are responsive, SEO optimized, and look dope.

The first version of Ultimate Post Kit was released a couple of days before Easter Sunday 2021 with only 15 widgets.

A year passed and Ultimate Post Kit now offers 65 awesome widgets for blogs, combined with more improved framework and core structure optimizations.

Just for you

Grab these exciting web design essentials at


To celebrate Easter Sunday 2022, we are giving out a surprising 35% discount on all 3 addons for Elementor developed by BdThemes. We appreciate your support and we want to join in to celebrate the day.

Let us remind you that this is a time-based offer for Easter Sunday.

So, grab them before the time runs out.

Don't Miss our Next Offer

Stay with us to get updates on our new products. We promise you will get only quality news and offer from us in the following years.

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Tauhidur Rahman Masum
Tauhidur Rahman Masum
Working as a content writer at BdThemes. Aimed to go further in the journey with WordPress.

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