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Best WordPress Free Themes

Looking for the best WordPress free themes for your site that will help design your site and make it unique for the visitors? Stay with us as we are about to show you what’s worth having.

As there are thousands of free themes for WordPress on the online market, it is difficult to find the best for your site. The free theme you will choose needs to be reliable and easily customizable. But, there remain questions that need solid answers.

Are the best WordPress Free Themes Worth?

Comments are often heard in the WordPress theme world that free themes are risky and aren’t supported as well, or sometimes amateur developers design them. It is true in some respect, so make sure that your selected theme among the best WordPress free themes is a quality design with decent support. A premium theme generally has solid code and you can get support from a support team when you’re in trouble.

Some of the best WordPress free themes are not only awesome looking, but they provide functionality better than some of the themes you would have to pay for. We are looking at the free themes today to pick the best for your site you can proudly call your own without spending any money.

Each of the best WordPress free themes has powerful components from parallax effects to beautiful booking pages. You have to read through this article to know more about the free themes for WordPress on the market.


In this article, we have picked some of the best WordPress free themes you can use on your site for several purposes. I will discuss these free themes that will help you choose the best for your site.

As we go in for the main part, we will also show you:

  1. Best free themes for Corporate Business
  2. Best themes for blogger
  3. Best theme for agency

Now, let’s dive right in!

Here is the list of some best WordPress free themes:

  1. Astra
  2. OceanWP
  3. Hestia
  4. Botiga

Now, let us put detailed explanations on them including their features and how much they are worth.

best WordPress free themes

Astra is a multipurpose one of the best WordPress free themes that got quickly popular and continues to dominate sales. It lives up to the hype because it is so appealing. It is fast and really customizable.

This strong theme among the best WordPress free themes comes with several pre-built websites that you can select and begin fast. You don’t have to touch a line of code to customize it. Moreover, you can use it right alongside many page builders.

Some other features of it include header options, layout settings, color and typography customization options, and superior performance. It does not rely on jQuery and its loading time is 0.5 seconds.

You should know something else, that is the availability of an impressive list of integrations. Astra works with Beaver Builder, Elementor, WooCommerce, Toolset, Yoast, and LearnDash. This theme among the best WordPress free themes is accessible, SEO-friendly, and is translation-ready, uses hooks and filters, and offers an extensive knowledge base for getting started.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Astra

02 OceanWP - BdThemes

If you are looking for a lightweight and extendable theme among the best WordPress free themes, you can pick OceanWP as a worthy one. This is a multipurpose theme among the best WordPress free themes and it is compatible with popular page builder plugins including Elementor, Divi, and Beaver builder.

OceanWP is an excellent tool with an extendable codebase that helps developers who plan to add their own customization. Built-in SEO features are also included to help you optimize your site easily.

If you are looking to create a multipurpose site, you can choose OceanWP. For instance, it lets you create a blog, ‘about us’ page, shop, portfolio, and more with ease.

You can get the theme among the best WordPress free themes here: OceanWP

03 Hestia - BdThemes

If you look for a free theme among the best WordPress free themes that is simple, material design for quick setups, beautiful user interactions, easy to download and launch on your WordPress site, then you can certainly choose Hestia. Its responsive layout looks wonderful on all mobile devices, and all sorts of businesses can take advantage of its multi-purpose functionality.

If you want to start a small business, this theme will help you provide a beautiful slider area for your promotions and explain what your business is all about. You can talk about your employees and testimonials for a more personable feel as well.

Why you might go with this theme among the best WordPress free themes? Answering this question, the reason is it integrates with WooCommerce. With a focus on galleries, it brings up elegant and intriguing product listings. This theme including a drag and drop option is designed for experienced developers.

It is needless to say, advanced designers want to speed up their processes, and beginners feel troubled with coding. This free theme allows them to work freely without coding. The theme includes some translation tools, and you get custom background settings that help your site’s branding with your own pictures.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Hestia

04 Botiga - BdThemes

Selecting the Botiga theme among the best WordPress free themes to simply make your website stand out will be the right choice for you. This complete eCommerce theme has an elegant and sleek design that helps you showcase your store’s products simply and effectively.

No matter how small or big your industry or business size is, this theme is absolutely perfect for you. It comes with an impressive array of style options. Product card customization features, three product page gallery designs, multiple checkout styles, and five header types are included in this theme.

Botiga lets you add a blog, select from multiple badge styles to promote specific products, and choose from six different archive layouts also. If you want to check out a powerful, versatile theme worthy of your job, Botiga can be a perfect choice.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Botiga

Now, let’s move to the segments mentioned earlier. In these segments, we shall separately list up some themes suitable for your website. We believe that this list will really help you choose the best theme for your business and drive more traffic to your site.

Let’s go through them!

A. Best free themes for Corporate Business

There are a number of best WordPress free themes that help corporate business a lot. In the corporate business, themes have an important role to drive more traffic and grow business bigger. Here is a list of some themes that will help corporate business pretty much:

  1. Sydney
  2. Zakra
  3. Astrid
  4. Vantage
  5. Neve
  6. Airi

Now, we will dive deep into these themes.

05 Sydney - BdThemes

If you want to get the ball rolling for your corporate business, you can choose Sydney, a theme among the best WordPress free themes. This is one of the best WordPress free themes highly rated by users and powerful enough to build an effective online presence for your corporate business.

You can use customization options like Google Fonts and full-color control and keep your site branded properly by uploading your business logo that will drive more customers to your content using the full-screen slider.

The translation-ready nature, another great feature of the theme shows that you can reach out to anyone throughout the world. You can design the ideal landing area for your customers online using the front page blocks that let you move around components on the homepage.

There’s more, the parallax backgrounds grab the attention of your visitors and the social integration tools let your users follow you on popular sites like Twitter and Facebook.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Sydney

06 Zakra 1 - BdThemes

Looking for a flexible theme among the best WordPress free themes that offers a lot of features? Then you can pick the Zakra theme. This great theme can be used for a business website, personal portfolio, or freelance website.

The theme has 10+ starter sites and can be used as a starting point for your design. You can do many tasks with this theme like you get plenty of space to add your CTA, showcase your team, include testimonials, share information about your company, and more.

You can easily customize any of the starter sites using a drag and drop page builder with its customization feature. The visual elements i.e.: fonts, colors, and more can be customized through a powerful theme panel.

This theme is fully GDPR-compatible and works effectively with Gutenberg. You can easily install the WooCommerce plugin and add an online shop using it.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Zakra

07 Astrid - BdThemes

If you want to generate a beautiful business website quickly, Astrid from AThemes can help you by providing all the settings you need i.e.: logo, font, color, and widgets. A standout feature is the header image that takes up the majority of the screen, and you get overlaying text and buttons.

You can place CTA on your homepage and push people to other parts of your site. The page building system integrates well with the various widgets that allow you to generate unique business website designs in a short time.

Moreover, you gain access to translation files that expand your reach to people who may not speak your language. This theme has WooCommerce support helpful for those companies that would like to start selling physical or digital products online.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Astrid

08 Vantage - BdThemes

If you are looking for a theme with utmost flexibility, then Vantage is a perfect choice. It is not only a multipurpose theme from the get-go, but also offers complete integration with page builder and a multitude of high-quality plugins, as a result, you can achieve the form and the function of your site.

The theme has a number of bundled widgets that give you true control over every page you create in Page Builder. It also integrates with MetaSlider and WooCommerce.

There are other features of this theme including a responsive design, retina-readiness, and more. The best part of it is you can use what you want and ignore what you don’t which ensures you always walk away with the precise website you need.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Vantage

09 Neve - BdThemes

The Neve is a fantastic and one of the best WordPress free themes and it has the flexibility to land on your site from the phone. It is fast, lightweight, and loads quickly.

This theme is compatible with popular page builders and AMP, offers fast set-up, and includes updates that help your site run smoothly always. It gains a 100-speed grade on PageSpeed insights.

This theme offers a wide range of customization options and loads in 0.6 seconds. For instance, you can select from full-width layouts and customize the header and footer. You can make use of Gutenberg or other page builders including Elementor, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Brizy, and Visual Composer to drag and drop your website into existence.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Neve

10 Airi - BdThemes

When you think of startup a small business, freelancing, or agency, you can choose Airi that has premade demos. You can easily add a CTA to your banner area following a list of your services which are displayed in a three-column layout.

Moreover, your visitors can trust you by viewing testimonials from past clients as well as in the future your best work. You can boost your authority in another way with the space of showcasing your blog posts or case studies.

With this theme, you can do not only customize the colors, fonts, background images, and other visual aspects but also modify the layout of any page without coding. This theme integrates with the Elementor plugin with a drag and drop option for WordPress.

Airi comes with a Live Customizer and 600+ Google Fonts which help easily brand your site. It integrates with WooCommerce which helps you sell both digital and physical products on your site. It is also translation-ready.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Airi

B. Best themes for blogger

Now, we will focus on some of the best WordPress free themes that fulfill the need of bloggers. Blogs are essential for a website or an online business, so is a blogger as well. You cannot provide a blog without the help of a blogger. So, you cannot deny the importance of both a blog and a blogger in the online market. Here is a list of some themes that will help you select the one among the best WordPress free themes useful for bloggers:

  1. Cenote
  2. Olsen Light
  3. Masonic
  4. Radiate
  5. Gucherry Blog
  6. Ashe
  7. Hueman
  8. Hemingway
  9. Author
  10. Chic Lite

Let’s take a look at them!

11 Cenote - BdThemes

One of the best WordPress free themes is Cenote that helps you create an outstanding blogging site. It is packed with a few features like it is free, lightweight, with a clean and modern layout.

The good thing about this theme is that it uses plenty of white space and standard colors. It helps your branding and logo by providing a one-click installation button, along with primary color options. The sidebars as well as the four widget areas can be placed in the header or footer. Moreover, this theme has an area to adjust custom CSS. You can get started with your design with the help of the demo content, advanced coders will appreciate the custom CSS.

You can ensure that your site either covers the entire screen or cuts off at the sides with boxed and wide layouts. Your visitors always have the menu in front of their eyes with the sticky menu.

Another exciting item is the social icon pack. It helps reveal icons from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. It helps you use the buttons to send people to your social pages. Overall, it is a free WordPress blog theme to choose from.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Cenote

12 Olsen Light - BdThemes

You can pick Olsen Light if you look for a crisp, starched white shirt of WordPress theme. It is a blog-friendly, full-width, clean, and visually stunning theme that easily draws your visitors’ eyes to your content.

This theme is perfect for photography-related blogs, it lends itself well to a number of niches. It allows you to choose between a right sidebar layout or a full-width template. It offers simple customization through the new and improved WordPress customizer.

The theme lets you upload logos, a site favicon, customize and configure pagination styles, and more through the customizer options. On your choice, you can implement a visually striking image carousel on your front page also.

This theme offers three custom widgets-

  1. An ‘about the author’ profile box
  2. A social icons box
  3. A widget for customizing the display of your recent posts.

You do not need an additional plugin to configure and display social sharing options for your posts and pages, because you can get it straight from the theme. It integrates with Instagram also, but you need a plugin to take the advantage of this option.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Olsen Light

13 Masonic - BdThemes

Looking for a theme that will help you in blogging sites with numerous images? For this, you can choose the Masonic WordPress theme to complete the requirement.

This theme has a masonry layout and offers an attractive way to present your latest posts using a card style. It would be great for a recipe blog or some such, where you want to showcase a featured image and a quick blurb on your homepage.

The look of this theme can be customized very easily. Using the standard customizer coming with WordPress, you can adjust things like the primary color, fonts, link color, and widgets. You can add custom CSS that has built-in support for the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin.

Though this theme has few features, it will get the job done for beginning bloggers who want images to feature prominently on their sites.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Masonic

14 Radiate - BdThemes

A great option for your blog is the Radiate WordPress theme. This theme is lightweight and offers a clean design easy on the eyes. As a result, it will load quickly so visitors will hang around for a long time.

In a photo-heavy blog or website i.e.: a fashion, photography, or travel blog, you can choose this great theme. It is easy to feature top posts on your homepage with an image and a button to ‘Read More’ with the grid layout.

You can connect your site to all of your platforms with this theme that has a full-width banner across the top that you can customize to suit your brand or business, a custom menu, and social media icons.

This theme includes a parallax header image offering the appearance of interactivity, another bonus for your visitors. Its other features are a primary color, custom background, and custom CSS.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Radiate

15 GuCherry Blog - BdThemes

You can pick the GuCherry Blog theme if you are looking for a beautiful and minimal theme for fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogging. An attention-grabbing slider is featured at the top of this theme and has plenty of widgets that make it easy to add content to your sidebar covering widgetized areas on your site.

You can easily monetize your blog with ad networks such as Google AdSense with the theme’s option of plenty of space for ad display. You can make your posts more engaging by sharing videos, audio, and written content with the GuCherry blog theme which supports multiple post formats.

Regarding the customization option of this theme, you can easily customize and upload your own header image or logo, change colors, and customize fonts. The theme has a custom social media widget and built-in related posts display also that helps you keep your visitor for a long time on your site.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: GuCherry Blog

16 Ashe - BdThemes

If you are looking for a gorgeous single and multi-author WordPress theme with a stunning header area that you can use to point visitors to a page on your site, you can select the Ashe theme.

The homepage of this theme has a two-column layout with the standard blog post archive and sidebar. The sidebar can be used to share a brief bio, add your social media links, share your popular posts, or link to your blog’s categories. Moreover, you can insert ad banners or make use of the promo boxes to display your most important pages.

Ashe is the perfect theme for lifestyle, fashion, travel, or food bloggers using featured images that lets you easily share your photos. This theme uses the Live Customizer option and it is also WooCommerce ready so you can even have an online store and sell digital as well as physical products.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Ashe

17 Hueman - BdThemes

The Hueman is one of the most popular WordPress themes for bloggers. The reason for this is, the theme loads fast, has a modern design, and is easy to use.

First of all, it has plenty of customization features that make the theme your own. This theme features two sidebars; if you want you can easily change that and choose whether there will be a one or a no sidebar layout. The theme is perfect for bloggers or website that publishes numerous content regularly.

This theme lets you customize every aspect of your site and change colors and fonts, upload your own logo, change images, and more. It also integrates with the Nimble page builder that allows you to create custom sections for your website pages, no coding needed. You can choose from several available blog layouts too.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Hueman

18 Hemingway - BdThemes

The Hemingway WordPress theme is a great choice for you if you’re looking for something simple that speaks to the novelist in you. It is a minimalist theme and easy on the eyes.

This theme is an ideal choice for those who regularly blog essays or topical pieces. It has a clean layout that doesn’t make obstacles in the way of what you have to say. On the contrary, it acts as an elegant frame for your words and photos.

You can update and customize Hemingway using Gutenberg or other popular page builder plugins. You can easily add a custom logo, accent color, and add image widgets for your accounts on Flickr, Instagram, or even Dribble.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Hemingway

19 Author - BdThemes

The Author was created specifically for reading and readers which is a dual-toned WordPress theme. It features a dark sidebar with a light-toned main body section, providing sufficient visual contrast between the sidebar and body sections that draw your visitor’s eye directly to your written and featured content.

This theme is light, fast, and responsive and features conditional loading and stylesheets to speed up your site’s loading time in any browser. The theme offers an adaptable layout to improve and enhance UX on your site.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Author

20 Chic Lite - BdThemes

It will be a wise choice for you to select the Chic Lite theme if you plan to create a lifestyle, fashion, or beauty blog. You will be pleased to know that it is a minimalist, feminine, and visually appealing WordPress theme.

It is particularly useful for sharing many different types of content. For instance, there are sections for social media and email campaign integration in addition to the customization options. It also lets you personalize your blog with your brand colors and chosen fonts.

Another remarkable feature is that it includes 20+ widgets that allow an advertisement widget so that you can strategically place ads within your content. It might be the best option if you’re looking to create a specific aesthetic for your fashion or beauty blog.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Chic Lite

C. Best theme for agency

It’s time to look at the best theme for your agency. One of the best WordPress free themes helps you make goodwill of your agency by adding necessary information about it. It helps you grow new visitors and drive more of them towards your agency or site. As there are several themes for your agency in the online market, we can pick some of them as one of the best WordPress free themes helpful for your agency. Here is a list below to choose from:

  1. Customizr
  2. New York Business
  3. OnePress
  4. Virtue
  5. Zita

Let’s go for them!

21 Customizr - BdThemes

Customizr is a popular free WordPress theme for agencies or businesses of all sizes. Advanced users can extend the usability of the theme with various hooks. You can include several photos in the versatile slider and quickly upload your logo.

This theme integrates with WooCommerce for monetizing the site and the bbPress compatibility helps create a forum and build your own community. It lets you add links to your social media pages, incorporate sliders with any post on your site, and without having to put up an ‘Under Construction’ page you can make live changes to your site.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Customizr

22 New York Business - BdThemes

New York Business, a WooCommerce-ready WordPress theme can help you quickly take your sales online whenever you want. It grants your users a decent selection of customization options like changing your site’s font, background color, header image, and more from the customizer.

Not to mention, it is compatible with all the major page builder plugins, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi. It integrates seamlessly with the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, also comes packed with WooCommerce widgets.

You can make your customers amazed by incorporating product sliders, testimonials, and more. YITH’s WooCommerce plugins, Contact Form 7, and other handy tools can pair with this theme smoothly. As it provides everything you need to launch and maintain an effective business site, you can add it to your list.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: New York Business

23 OnePress - BdThemes

Need a one-page theme for your business website? Consider the OnePress theme perfect for that. This WordPress theme is simple and intuitive for businesses and agencies that want an easy way to showcase their offers.

Several sections on the homepage allow you to add a CTA, display testimonials, feature your services and team members, and even add your portfolio and contact information. You can easily use your own fonts and brand colors and can easily add more sections like a gallery, videos, and more.

Moreover, The design has a beautiful parallax scrolling effect and custom widgets that allow you to personalize your homepage.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: OnePress

24 Virtue - BdThemes

The perfect way to highlight your company’s best work is to select the Virtue WordPress theme. The design of this theme makes it relevant in today’s design environment which is modern, flat, and minimal.  It is responsive and reliable because it is built on Bootstrap.

The compatibility with WooCommerce helps you to start an online store you want to. You can make customization a snap with the theme options panel.

Modifications to things such as the layout of the homepage, what content is featured in sliders, and what fonts are used can be made very easy with this theme. If you want to showcase your past projects effectively, this theme would help you with an available portfolio section.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Virtue

25 Zita - BdThemes

Suitable for any type of business website, you can pick Zita which is a versatile and modern WordPress theme. This theme has numerous pre-built websites ready to be easily installed with a single click that helps you get your website up and running in a short time, that’s the best part of it.

You need not learn code to create unique layouts, because it integrates with Elementor so you can easily add blocks and get your job done. Make your theme look unique and match your brand by customizing fonts, colors, and every other aspect. You can easily add an online store to your website and create another income stream for your business with its WooCommerce-ready option.

You can get this theme among the best WordPress free themes here: Zita


When it comes to best free WordPress themes, you can’t just pick any of them. Otherwise, you will end up with a site that looks like any other site on the web. If you want something unique, you need to choose carefully. That’s why we have created this list of the best free WordPress themes available. Each of them has its own unique twist, so make sure you check them out.

Have a nice day! See you again.

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