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Searching for the best Elementor SEO plugin for your website to speed up and boost your SEO ranking?

Are you having an issue of lacking a higher position in search results on the internet?

If affirmative, then you don’t have to worry about this, because this blog will help you find the proper solution to this issue.

What is SEO and Elementor SEO plugin?


SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. It optimizes the position of a website from bottom to top by curating the search result. This tool is the most important than others to make a website come to the first page on the list.

Elementor SEO plugin

Elementor SEO plugin is a plugin for WordPress that helps you take your website rank higher in search results. It is a very important and most vital tool that can not be ignored.

Why do you need Elementor SEO plugin?

If a person searches a website similar to yours and finds your website at the very bottom or next page of the list, then he will not be interested to pick your website.

As a result, he will ignore your site and pick from the top portion.

To solve this problem, SEO is a must. It helps you improve the ranking and take your website to the top of the list.

So, visitors will click on your website first to choose.

List of best Elementor SEO plugin:

We have researched a number of Elementor SEO plugins and for you, we enlisted the 12 best Elementor SEO plugin among them:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All in One SEO
  3. Rank Math
  4. The SEO Framework
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Premium SEO Pack
  7. Broken Link Checker
  8. SEOPress
  9. WP Meta SEO
  10. SEO 2021 by Squirrly
  11. W3 Total Cache
  12. Rankie

Now, we will dig deep into the list to let you choose the best Elementor SEO plugin that suits your website.

Let’s get set and go!

best Elementor SEO plugin

Yoast SEO is like the king among the WordPress SEO plugins. It is the top-picked best Elementor SEO plugin.

This best Elementor SEO plugin stands out for its amazing features i.e.: attractive interface, regular updates, user-friendly options, and more. You will be pleased to hear that Yoast SEO has its own website, with the option of premium support.

Premium version of Yoast SEO offers more advanced features i.e.: keyword optimization on a page, previewing your page layout how it looks like on Twitter and Facebook, and internal link suggestions for sending users to other locations on your website; that’s a small portion of the premium features.

With this plugin, you can-

  • analyze the optimization on pages and posts by typing the keywords.
  • See the Google search engine result live that helps you make your post more appealing and keyword-rich.
  • ‘Readability check’ helps you understand the need to break up paragraphs or add elements like numbered lists.

And more.

The premium version starts at $89/site.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: Yoast SEO

Over 15,00,000+ professionals use All in One SEO. This can be another choice of the best Elementor SEO plugin for on-page SEO.

You can analyze your site and detect errors by the SEO audit checklist of this plugin that improves your SEO and drive traffic to your site.

This plugin can automatically generate and submit sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines. There are other important features that include schema, AMP, knowledge graph, local SEO, and more.

It helps small business owners save money and time for their niche market.

With this plugin, you can:

  • edit your .htaccess file without FTP.
  • block ‘bad bots’.
  • edit your robots.txt file via a user-friendly interface.

And more.

You can get the best Elementor SEO plugin here: All in One SEO

Rank Math is like the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for your website. It is meant to be the best Elementor SEO plugin in the market.

You can take full control of your on-page SEO because this plugin has everything you need. It brings everything into one easy-to-manage plugin by combining the power of multiple plugins for SEO.

With this plugin, you can manage the on-page SEO of your pages, posts, or other taxonomies. You can also control ‘no follow / no index / no archive’ meta tags of all taxonomies, posts, or pages.

This plugin integrates tightly with Google Search Console to bring you essential information directly inside your WordPress admin dashboard. You can view information i.e.: what keywords you are ranking for, how many search impressions your website is getting, and so on in one glance.

The plugin has these features:

  • It is a one-stop-shop for SEO.
  • Each post or page runs through an SEO analysis tool based on 30+ factors.
  • The user interface is clean, and the options are easy to understand.
  • It has a 404 monitor that tells you where users see errors.
  • It has a bundled XML sitemap module, and it also pings search engines automatically once you make a change to your post.

And more.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: Rank Math

The SEO Framework is a lightweight, fast plugin for WordPress. It is built to be the best Elementor SEO plugin. It avoids ads or upsells.

This plugin focuses on helping out those who want to spend less time while keeping site speed high. It often can be the alternative to Yoast.

A few tabs control the post settings, one uses a colored scale that shows the progress of making your post SEO ready. You can instantly tell where to put in some work for SEO with the scale.

The interface of this plugin is perfect for beginners, and advanced users can also get their job done due to the open API.

The plugin includes some extensions i.e.: Local SEO, Article enhancement, Incognito mode, Redirects, and more.

The plugin has some special features as:

  • You can check how your post is going to perform on Google with the provided visual, colored meter/scale.
  • Companies can set up a local SEO extension and display important local business information.
  • You can remove the need for an additional plugin by the comment spamming extension.

And more.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: The SEO Framework

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that has been researched and developed for years. It is the best Elementor SEO plugin for marketers, bloggers, and businesses.

With this, you can do keyword research, competition analysis, monitor keyword rankings, backlink research, and more. Also, you can improve content while targeting specific keywords with Ahref’s detailed content analysis tool.

It does backlink analysis well with a huge feature overlap. You can use it to see which sites are linking to multiple competitors excluding you. You can get more backlinks and build more partnerships with the help of this plugin.

You can identify and create content on similar subjects that your competitors are ranking for to get more exposure.

You can merge and upgrade the proper content to boost your rankings by better identifying duplicate content and keyword cannibalization.

You can get the best Elementor SEO plugin here: Ahrefs

Premium SEO Pack has advanced features that handle SEO elements. This is meant to be the best Elementor SEO plugin.

It has some of the foundational features i.e.: sitemap generation and Google Analytics monitoring. It also includes unique features for monitoring page speed, 404 checking, rich snippets, and link building.

This plugin is ideal for creatives hosting their portfolios on the web. It shows notifications about how SEO-friendly the images are and minifying CSS and javascript for speed.

Its premium version of $44 for regular license offers:

  • Focus keyword analysis.
  • Page SEO reports as well as scores.
  • Custom permalinks.
  • Keyword suggestions.
  • Page analysis recommendations.

And more.

It’s a great choice for professionals who want to take their WordPress site to the next level.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: Premium SEO Pack

SEO is not only about making your content readable, or about filling your pages and posts. It’s one way beyond the competition to go through your site to remove any broken links.

In that sense, Broken Link Checker is built to be the best Elementor SEO plugin. After seeing a broken link that leads to a 404 page, Google selects it as a less-than- desirable-UX, which means your customers have no interest in landing on an empty page.

This plugin removes the barrier of spending a long time locating broken links in your content. It does the job for you by scanning through your blog posts and pages and locates all broken links in a few minutes and shows a list.

After solving the problem, the list will be empty and Google lets you know that you maintain your site quite well.

It has the features below:

  • The primary page of the plugin automatically goes through the problem and solves them all.
  • It has an option for searching and filtering links.
  • This plugin not only finds broken links but also monitors comments, custom fields, and more.
  • Basically, it also detects missing images and redirects, for that where a reader might be confused, and makes Google look less favorably on your website.
  • Interesting thing is that there is an optional feature that prevents search engines from following broken links on your site.

You can get the best Elementor SEO plugin here: Broken Link Checker

SEOPress is completely white-labeled, free from ads, and a powerful plugin for WordPress. It can be the best Elementor SEO plugin.

You can fully optimize your website with its comprehensive features i.e.: build your custom XML sitemap, analyze content based on keywords, manage redirections, and more.

It is fully integrated with Google Analytics that enables you to track your SEO efforts. Besides, you can write better posts with the help of its content analysis tool that provides optimization tips.

Moreover, developers will be able to apply additional hooks to customize the plugin fully.

This plugin also has these features:

  • Support for unlimited keywords.
  • Intuitive setup wizard.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Image SEO.
  • Custom canonical URLs

And more.

Its premium version costs $39/year for multiple sites.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: SEOPress

WP Meta SEO helps you work through a website redesign and offers a meta-information bulk editor that makes it easy to perform optimization through the site at once.

You don’t even have to go in and out of each page and it saves a huge amount of time.

You can use accurate data directly from Google to be informed decisions about your keyword strategy because it integrates with the Google search console to power its keyword suggestion features.

There are additional built-in SEO features i.e.: redirections manager and a sitemap generator.

This plugin is ideal for the average marketer who handles websites, SEO, and content.

You can effortlessly reach your audience by crafting content, speeding up your workflow with the help of the bulk editor feature.

You can get the best Elementor SEO plugin here: WP Meta SEO

People who aren’t SEO experts can smoothly use SEO 2021 by Squirrly. It can be the best Elementor SEO plugin.

This plugin offers a complete SEO suite without any complicated elements. It generates SEO recommendations differently than the other outlined plugins.

In real-time, when you start and continue typing your article by a topic, the desired keyword is also punched in, and a series of green lights are activated. You will feel like an expert whispering into your ears as you are typing.

It has these features below:

  • As you are writing the article, keyword optimization is easily done.
  • It preserves all the settings from the previous setup.
  • A tool analyzes your competition to see the outrank.
  • You can send content reports to other people in your organization.
  • It provides both inspiration and ways by sending progress monitoring on a weekly basis, which helps you improve your content.

And more.

This plugin is ideal for professionals looking for a handy tool to assist in an SEO audit for your website.

You can get this best Elementor SEO plugin here: SEO 2021 by Squirrly

Considering site speed as a vital point to satisfy the visitor’s query with great UX, ‘W3 Total Cache’ catches the eyes first. In that case, it is meant to be the best Elementor SEO plugin in the market.

The plugin improves site speed through caching, minifying, and CDN integrations that make it easier to manage all the benefits in one place.

The quality of this plugin is exceptional because it’s made by the company responsible for WordPress.

The performance of this plugin is superb ‘cause it manages cache files. The front-end user gets better UX for this.

This plugin is ideal for site owners who manage lots of content like gifs, images, and videos that directly impact a major aspect of SEO ranking.

Get the best Elementor SEO plugin here: W3 Total Cache

Data is the factor that makes your SEO strategy good. Upon this point, Rankie can be considered the best Elementor SEO plugin.

It provides more data to make an elegant SEO decision for your site.  Rankie helps to make modifications to your pages which allows you to track your rankings and create powerful reports.

You can track and add your target keywords with this plugin so that visitors can discover your content using the keyword.

This best Elementor SEO plugin is ideal for the marketing data analyst who wants to know how their site is performing in the eyes of the visitor.

Want to get this plugin? Click here: Rankie


The above discussion puts a light on the best Elementor SEO plugin that you can choose one suitable for your website. The plugin will help you a lot.

Thanks for keeping in touch and having the patience to read this article. Have a nice day!

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