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9 types of landing pages you want to design in 2023

Knowing about the available types of landing pages won’t make designing one easier for you instantly.

But it will help you determine the correct landing page pattern for your website.

This article will tell you about the types of landing pages found till 2023.

Let’s start!

Types of landing pages found to this date

A landing page is the first page a visitor lands on and see after clicking your website link.

A landing page can be anything you design with the aim to capture your audience by giving them value through written and visual information.

Fun fact, just by the definition, you can’t specify the types of landing pages.

An impossible task? Not that.

What we mean is that you can create lots of types of landing pages and there is no common pattern to them.

Though, by comparing the key elements in a page, we can point out some common types of landing pages found today over the internet.

Learn about them right below-

(please inform us if you did not find your landing page type in the list)

Squeeze page

Squeeze Page may sound unfamiliar but it’s one of the common kinds of landing page people usually see.

It’s also known as a lead capture page or an opt-in page. 

The objective here is to squeeze contact info out of the visitors by giving them a small captivating description of the thing you are offering.

Squeeze pages are mostly used to collect email leads. 

Users can get free stuff in exchange for their email addresses.

You could offer users:

  • Free trials of product/service
  • Downloadable e-books, podcasts or similar digital copies
  • Email list or newsletter sign-up

Speaking about CTA, a typical squeeze page can have multiple CTA buttons or email fields and nothing more.

The page is used for initial lead harvesting; nurturing leads comes later.

squeeze page - BdThemes

The page likely will contain:

  • A headline
  • Small Copy
  • Images, 1 or 2 in number
  • A form or field
  • 2 or more CTA

Who can benefit from a Squeeze Page?

  • Tech businesses at the beta stage can be benefitted greatly from this page type. They can grab visitors by permitting limited access to the technology in exchange for visitors’ personal details.
  • Some businesses use a squeeze page to show a detailed service plan & prices only when people provide their emails for better confidentiality or lead nurture.

"Get Started" Landing Page

Get Started landing page - BdThemes

When you want to convince visitors about your business in a short time, you make them “Get Started”.

This type of landing page contains features, benefits, or bold promises about your service to get visitors hooked right away.

Once they are convinced to learn more about you, they often need to click a “Get Started” button on that page and continue forward.

Lots of businesses use this landing page type to get user attention on a large scale.

And, it brings results!

Who can benefit from a “Get Started” page?

  • Most businesses that use innovative technology to provide services can use this landing page to entice and educate their visitors.

"Coming Soon" page

Believe it or not, the Coming Soon pages have become very popular in 2023.

Generally, we use the coming soon page for two occasions-

  • Creating hype for a new product/service
  • Informing visitors about a temporary service down
Coming soon - BdThemes

As new technologies are being developed, we are seeing more coming soon landing pages popping up every day.

You could definitely take advantage of this page type to grab massive user attention for your business.

In case you are launching a new product or a BIG update, you can set up a ‘Coming Soon’ page to run a “sign up” campaign to collect leads ahead.

Until the product is live, you can utilize this page to-

  • Inform your customers about the attractive features of the upcoming product.
  • Update your information about the progress.
  • Reveal early bird offers.
  • Enter the hype market and earn initial boosts.

There is no limit to who can benefit from using this type of landing page within their website.

"Thank You" Landing Page​

Thank you - BdThemes

A ‘Thank You’ page is where you express your gratitude towards your visitors after they have finished opting in.

Normally, thank you page is not a part of landing pages.

But, by definition, some regard it as landing page material.

This page has no other purpose than nurturing your visitors with heartfelt gratitude to encourage them into potential customers.

Also, it could be very useful to convince already satisfied customers about your customer after services.

Though the page may seem to be useless for many people, it’s a vital page to promote your business naturally.

Why miss that?

Also, you can add bonus content or offer within the thank you page to further inspire the visitor to take another step.

For example:-

  • Ask them for feedback
  • Ask for a quick survey on your product/service
  • Show them statistics to motivate them (i.e. 500K people have signed in with you)
  • Ask them to connect with social platforms
  • Provide simple FAQs
  • Provide links to other products

If you feel the importance now, go for a thank you page.

Product details page

A product detail page is the best way to educate your visitors about the product you are selling and make them interested in it.

Product details - BdThemes

For a business website, you can include engaging information about a particular product, including its features, benefits, pricing, and availability.

Doing this comes with additional benefits such as-

  • Faster user engagements:- You can hook your visitors without making them go around other stuff but directly look into the product.
  • Better conversion rates:- Users kill for features that benefit them and you can get more conversion rates by giving that info.
  • Building user Trust:- You can be transparent about your product and most users will appreciate it.
  • Rich user experience:- Engaging copy, videos, or media content of the product always works on creating a better impression on the visitors.

So, the amount of business possibilities are higher with a product details page when it’s done right.

A product details page usually contains-

  • Product images.
  • Important details about the offer.
  • Testimonials.
  • Social proofs.
  • Comparison charts.

Pricing Page

Pricing page - BdThemes

We have seen a lot of popular brands landing their users directly on the pricing page.

Well, it works mostly for brands that created hype in the market due to their outstanding features or unparalleled competition.

But, you can definitely use a pricing page as the landing page for your business.

We identified some good practices in designing the price page for better conversion-

  • Simple and clear pricing
  • Highlighted price tags
  • Tier base pricing
  • Visuals & graphics of the product and pricing plans
  • Free trial option
  • Social proof
  • Multiple CTA
  • Product details are attached below the pricing page

From experience, we found out that the people who are more engaged by a pricing landing page, are usually educated about the service/product they are buying.

So, if you own such a business where your audience already knows what they came for, this type of page is good to go.

Not the best practice though; except for hosting businesses.

Long-form landing page​

The most common landing page style you will find on the internet is the long form page.

Why the name long form?

Because the page is actually quite long with lots of details about the product.

The aim is to leave no info behind to convince your visitors about the benefits of your product/service.

A long form page strongly focuses on the product and repeats details in various ways to implant a strong impression within the visitors.

Some call it a sales letter but it’s exactly what it is.

A typical long form page may contain-

  • Storytelling method to keep visitors interested.
  • Content with a ~7,000+ word count.
  • Lots of bullet points, paragraphs, quotes, or lists.
  • Testimonials

You can go for this type of landing page for a better conversion rate and SEO results.

Just need to make sure the copy is engaging and written to entertain visitors and make them interested.

Click-through landing page

One of the best marketing practices is to provide value to the customer first and then invite them for payment.

The Click-through landing page does the job without creating pressure by-

  • Providing a trial option first
  • Then asking users for payment after the trial ends

This is one of the most effective landing pages for subscription-based businesses.

The downside is, however, you still have to wait for the trial to end for the user still be interested in the service/product.

This kind of approach might slow things a bit, but it works for most businesses.

Video landing page

You got it right!

It’s a landing page that includes a sales video. This type of page mainly focuses on the visual elements to promote products and persuade users to buy them.

Such a landing page often contains a video with some text that supports and makes the offer clear.

The video can be fulfilling one of the following purposes:

  • Creating a hype for the product or service by explaining its value.
  • Develop visitor’s interest to watch through a not too long or too short format.
  • Convince people by explaining a solution to one of the problems they have.

A video landing page can be more engaging than written content for certain businesses.

So, you can consider this type if it matches your business goals.

Bonus Tips For Creating Successful Landing Pages

Not all landing pages produce the same result.

But to create one that actually worth the shot requires you to know how to do it correctly.

Go ahead and read this article to learn Do’s and Don’ts in landing page design for better results.

So, What's Your Pick?

You can create your landing page based on any model we have mentioned in this article.

And, you don’t necessarily need to follow any type from the list.

Creating diversity is what a human does the best.

So, go ahead and create your own variant of landing pages.

Would you like to enlist yours inside this article? We would be happy to do that.

Contact us or leave a comment at the bottom.

Thanks for your time.

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