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A Tribute to 26th March Independence Day – An Unforgotten History of Bangladesh

26 march independence day an unforgotten history of Bangladesh

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26th March was when the people of Bangladesh first visioned an independent nation in 1971. This day has been celebrated as a national holiday to spread happiness with parades of marching soldiers.

We vow to celebrate this day with you and everyone.

This article aims to commemorate Bangladesh’s unforgotten history. We tribute this blog to the Independence day of Bangladesh and everyone worldwide.

26th March on the calendar in 1971

26th March is one of Bangladesh’s most important days in the History of a Free Nation. The world remembered the roaring voices of Bengali ethnic people on that day in 1971.

Our proud Leader, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, passed the message of independence to the people of Bangladesh on this day. We all raised iron walls with the bodies of martyrs and survived the long 9-month war.

A lot changed from that day. We came victorious and celebrated the birth of a new nation after the war. Read about the history here.

The war took away a large number of souls from us. But it did not stop us. Rather, we bear the loss in our souls to lay the foundation for an ever-growing country.

As a part of our prideful history, we celebrate this day with the warmth of our hearts. Bearing that historical event within us, our journey became unstoppable.

How much has Bangladesh contributed internationally?

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world that successfully overcame the post-war crisis.

Today, we have the pride to stand up with our necks high. We went through the difficulties of changing the course of the fate of a whole nation. That’s why Bangladesh became a pioneering contributor to the global economy, finances, and humanitarian health.

“Our loss did not slow us down, nor our pain got the best of us.” – Selim Rana, CEO of BdThemes.

Bangladesh has claimed many milestones-

  • Global Ranking 2nd for apparel production.
  • Qualified as a Developing Country by UNCDP on 26th February 2021.
  • Combined literacy rate of 76.67% (M) & 71.18% (F).
  • Significantly near to achieving 100% Self-reliance in Food.
  • Global Ranking 4th for Rice production.
  • Global Ranking 3rd for Freshwater Fish production.
  • 100% Electricity coverage.
  • Average Life Expectancy of 72.6 years.
  • 57th nation to have its own satellite in space.
  • A new low infant mortality rate of 19.1 in 1000 (~2%).
  • Global Ranking 55th for Forex Reserve.

The list goes on….

Bangladesh has been contributing globally to develop the world’s life circle in many ways.

The world recognized Bangladesh as a miracle country to produce such tremendous results after recovering from the damages from the war.

There are many, but some notable contributions that laid down the nation’s foundation are:-

Exporting Quality Apparel

Even before independence, Bangladesh was a land of superior-quality fabrics. The warm, moist, and breezing air flowing through the country allows our people to harvest enhanced quality cotton and produce better fabrics.

We rapidly expanded apparel production to scale up our national budget. The result shocked the world with us being the 2nd Ranking highest exporter of apparels.

In 2021-2022, we exported quality garments worth US $42.613 billion. The numbers keep increasing as we expand further.

Exporting Manpower

Bangladesh is known for its capable manpower. Our capable manpower has gone over the borders of developed (1st world) countries to aid in their projects.

With this, we can generate a large portion of revenue through foreign remittances. Currently, we are Globally Ranked 7th for the highest remittance earner.

Our foreign workforce is divided among workers, engineers, farmers, heavy-duty vehicle drivers, civil engineers, architects, teachers, and many more professions. We pride ourselves on being able to create influence in so many 1st world countries.

Humanitarian Aid

Our country has taken over 1 million Rohingya refugees after the 2017 Myanmar crisis.

To help the needy to survive and live well, Bangladesh has been spending over USD $1.2 billion per year to build accommodations, ensure food & medical facilities, and empower the refugees with civil rights.

We have been open hearts to our neighbors and guests since the very beginning of our nation, and we continue to do so.

Developing Local Industries

Bangladesh has been financing local business infrastructures inside and outside of the country. Right now, those small businesses generate up to 25% of the country’s total GDP.

We went over the borders to aid the least developing countries to have freshwater wells, farmlands, small industries, workshops, and hospitals. Our country aims to grow together with the people around us.

Developing Online Industries

Right now, Bangladesh is one of the top Online Marketplace Influencers in the world. Within 15 years, we have expanded dramatically in online industries and become one of the most prosperous nations in bringing foreign exchanges through online businesses.

Since the year 2000, Bangladesh has begun expanding in online industries. We surpassed USD $20 billion in eCommerce business by 2020 and expanding further.

The Post-war nation of Bangladesh has many great online industries today to fuel the country’s rapid growth. We have already advanced in SaaS industries and dominated top positions worldwide.

BdThemes is one of the many SaaS brands that broke into the leading positions in the WordPress community today.

How BdThemes became one of the leading SaaS brands in WordPress

Found in 2012, BdThemes started as a freelance company to provide web development services globally.

Later, the company started producing WordPress themes for the general consumer and giving customer support.

In 2018, BdThemes took a major leap and started developing supportive web design plugins for WordPress (Elementor, specifically).

Since the very beginning, BdThemes has connected over 500,000 people worldwide to Bangladesh.

Most of them seldom knew about Bangladesh, but now they recognize this nation as one of the prominent powerhouses with SaaS companies like BdThemes, WPDevelopers, WeDevs, and others.

Our dedication let us develop 5+ major add-ons that became brands and recognized by the mass community.

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Let’s Celebrate 53rd Independence day of Bangladesh With 26%Off

In Honor of Bangladesh’s 53rd Independence Day

Let’s cheer for Bangladesh to celebrate its 53rd independence day on 26th March 2023.

We would love to commemorate this celebration with special offers on our plugins.

Please join us in the celebration.

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